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The Secret Garden of Dreams

Who is eligible to join?
Anyone with a fan fiction site even if there's only a section on your page that has fan fiction.

Are there any requirements?
Yes. Your site has to at least have one piece of fan fic regardless of who it revolves around. Any artist/group or combinations of groups, it doesn't matter! Just as long as you have a story (finished or unfinished) on your site!

How do I join?
Just fill in the form and you're on your way. If your website only has a section that has fan fiction, make sure to submit that section's URL.

I've filled in the form, now what?
An email that has the HTML for the ring is on its way to your mailbox. Just Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V)  the code onto your web page and you're almost done! (note: I HAVE to see the ring on your site in order for me to add you into the ring.)

Okay, I added  the HTML code onto my page, now what do I do?
Just wait for me to add you to the ring and you're in!

The Web Ring should look like this once you have inserted the HTML fragment:
(The link colors will be what you have on your page as default)

The Dreamers Fan Fiction WebRing owned by Diana

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IMPORTANT! Once you get the HTML, please put it as soon as possible onto your website or else after
12 weeks you will be removed from the queue and you would have to re-submit your site again.